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    What are the validation rules?

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    The following Validation Rules have been put in place for NHS Property Services to ensure correct information is entered by Suppliers. These suppliers are split into two groups: PO (Purchase Order mandatory) and PO/non-PO suppliers (Purchase Order exempt).


    For all Suppliers

    If a Purchase Order reference is entered, it must be open and valid with enough remaining value and assigned to you as a supplier. All invoices must have a unique invoice number.


    For PO Suppliers

    For PO Suppliers, a valid PO number is mandatory as well as Order line no. reference. Further Invoice validation (eg. Property ID check) against the valid PO will be performed as per the details below:

    • Line quantity: Checks that invoice line quantity does not exceed PO line
    • Line amount: Checks that invoice line amount does not exceed PO amount (ex tax)


    Bank Details

    We can only pay you into the bank account details we hold in our system for you. Please note that we are unable to upload bank details entered into Tradeshift, for audit reasons.

    If you need to set up new, or amend existing bank details, please contact us at providing a copy of the bank details on letter headed paper. A member of our team will be in touch to verify the details and make any changes.


    Property ID / Name

    Each line of your PO relates to only one property which will be displayed on the PO in Tradeshift.

    The property is directly linked to the PO line number in our system and you should not attempt to amend this on your invoice in Tradeshift.

    Any changes you do make to the Property ID / Name field that do not match the detail for that line number on the PO will not be uploaded to our system and could result in payment delays or billing against the wrong property.

    Invoices will always be processed against the property stated on the line on the PO.

    If you believe the details on your PO are incorrect you should contact the person you supply goods and services to and arrange for an amendment to be processed.


    Credit Notes

    When submitting credit notes in Tradeshift you can only reference a related invoice number that was submitted through Tradeshift to NHS Property Services Limited directly.

    If you can’t locate your invoice on Tradeshift, please add the related invoice number in the ‘Description’ field on your credit note (leaving the ‘Invoice Number’ field blank)

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