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Welcome to NHS Property Services

NHS Property Services is implementing a new Purchase to Pay (P2P) system which will improve the service we offer to our suppliers.

We are moving away from paper based invoices and have partnered with Tradeshift, who will support you, as an active supplier, to submit your invoices electronically.

Tradeshift provides a free professional e-invoicing solution that integrates with popular accounting systems and has a fast web interface to make the process easy.

Tradeshift helps you get paid faster by providing real-time updates on your invoice status, and by preventing your invoices from getting lost in the mail.

We look forward to working with you on this new platform.
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Benefits of eInvoicing with Tradeshift

Tradeshift increases invoicing accuracy, and improves visibility to the payment process and status through an easy-to-use web-based platform

Easy Setup

  • No installation of hardware or software required.
  • Supports both manual and highly-automated options allowing suppliers to submit invoices from within existing billing software.

Real-time Monitoring & Communication

  • Check the status of invoices with real-time updates in your computer or mobile browser.
  • Confirm invoice receipt -- no delays due to missing information or lost paper invoices.
  • Communicate and attach supporting documents directly from within Tradeshift.

Always Free

  • No setup fees, transaction fees, or service charges.
  • Invoice other customers through the Tradeshift network at no charge.

Public Profiles & Network

  • Promote your business, products and services to the fastest-growing network of connected companies. Get a modern web presence easily and efficiently.

Getting Started with Tradeshift

We built a short guide on how to get started quickly with only 5 steps.

These five steps will guide you through the most important steps invited supplier should take while and after responding to the invitation email of their customer.

Three ways to invoice

Tradeshift has made it possible and easy for any business to invoice their customers - no matter the invoice volume. Depending on the volume of invoices you send, we recommend the following:

  • 1-10 invoices a month: manual entry in the web interface. Using the intuitive and fast invoice creation tool in the Tradeshift platform, invoicing has never been simpler! Choose your customer, fill in your invoice details, and send! See here for a guide on using the invoice creation tool
  • 10-30 invoices a month: Documents Uploader or CloudScan. Using this method, you can upload your PDF invoices (or any other of our supported formats) to our CloudScan engine, which will convert your file to the native Tradeshift TSUBL format. You will then have to log into the platform and validate the CloudScan engine's transcription.
  • 30 invoices a month: Integrated solutions. For large invoice volumes, we recommend that you integrate your accounting software with the Tradeshfit platform, sending invoices via file transfer protocols or API. Take a look at our integration page for more information!

Invoicing NHS Property Services

NHS Property Services will use Tradeshift to facilitate the following business documents and communication flows:
  • Inbound invoices (invoices sent from suppliers)
  • Inbound credit notes (credit notes sent from suppliers)
  • Invoice statuses back to the suppliers (coming later in 2017)
  • Credit note statuses back to the suppliers (coming later in 2017)
  • Business firewall validation rules and error messages.
You may find the attached Quick Reference Cards helpful – they include a step by step guide to submitting invoices to us:

Invoicing NHS Property Services using EDI

NHS Property Services encourages their suppliers sending a large volume of invoices (30 invoices a month) to do so in an integrated manner. This means connecting your internal ERP system to Tradeshift and enabling automatic document transfer using secure file transfer protocols such as SFTP, FTPS or using the Tradeshift API.

Tradeshift supports a wide selection of document formats, such as CSV, EDIFACT, XML, etc. The Tradeshift Technical Integration Engineers can help you set up the connection and properly configure your document files.

If you would like to know more about the integration possibilities on Tradeshift, please go to this page. If you would like to start an integration with Tradeshift, please contact our support team via ticket.

Validation Rules

The following Validation Rules have been put in place for NHS Property Services to ensure the correct information is entered by their suppliers. These suppliers are split into two groups: PO (Purchase Order mandatory) and PO/non-PO suppliers (Purchase Order optional).

For all Suppliers

  • If a Purchase Order reference is entered, it must be open and valid withenough remaining value and assigned to you as a supplier– see ‘Other Things to Remember’ section below for details on old PO Numbers (starting ‘306XXXXXX’)
  • All invoices must have a unique invoice number

For PO Suppliers

For PO Suppliers, a valid PO number is mandatory as well as Order line no. reference. Further Invoice validation against the valid PO will be performed as per the details below:

  • Line quantity: Checks that invoice line quantity does not exceed PO line
  • Line amount: Checks that invoice line amount does not exceed PO amount (ex tax)

Other Things to Remember:

1. Old PO Numbers
    • PO numbers issued before 1st June from our old system (in the format ‘306XXXXXX’) won’t be valid when issuing invoices to the new NHS Property Services Ltd connection in Tradeshift
    • From 29th June you can begin submitting invoices but you will see an error message if attempting to use these old PO numbers
    • Any remaining invoices relating to these old POs should be submitted by creating a Non PO invoice from your Tradeshift account from 29th June onwards
    • You will start to receive POs from our new system into your Tradeshift account from 3rd July for goods and services provided after this date (in the format ‘PXXXXXXX’)
 2. Property ID / Name
    • Each line of your new PO will relate to a specific property which will be displayed on the PO in Tradeshift
    • The property is directly linked to the PO line number in our system and you should not attempt to amend this on your invoice in Tradeshift
    • Any changes you do make to the Property ID / Name field that do not match the detail for that line number on the PO will not be uploaded to our system and could result in overbilling against the wrong property and subsequent payment delays
    • Invoices will always be processed against the property stated on the line on the PO
    • If you believe the details on your PO are incorrect you should contact the person you supply goods and services to to arrange for an amendment to be processed
3. Credit Notes
    • When submitting credit notes in Tradeshift you can only reference a related invoice number that was submitted through Tradeshift to NHS Property Services Limited directly
    • Invoices submitted by paper or to SBS via Tradeshift (for those suppliers previously with a Tradeshift account) will not be available to link to
    • In this case please add the related invoice number in the ‘Description’ field on your credit note (leaving the ‘Invoice Number’ field blank)
4. Bank Details
    • We can only pay you into the bank account details we hold in our system for you
    • If you need to set up new bank details please contact us at finance.helpdesk@property.nhs.uk providing a copy of the bank details on letter headed paper and a member of our team will be in touch to verify the details and make any changes
    • Please note that we are unable to upload bank details submitted by you in Tradeshift

Should someone else be reading this?

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